June 12, 2024


If for some reasons after completion of the program the student is unable to study abroad in the USA, can they still study in Thai Universities?

Absolutely! As of now Thai Universities accept students who pass the GED test with a score higher than 145 as having passed high school standard. Some programs might require the student to prove that they are able to study such programs. Music programs, however, should not be too hard to enter since the student would be much more prepared.

After this program if a student does not pass the GED test, what can they do?

We guarantee that if the student comes to class more than 80% of the time they will easily pass the GED.

If a student passes the GED test and gets accepted before completing 3 years of this program, can they quit the program?

Yes, the student can go if they are ready. They would be a testimony to our program.

Can the program provide a private teacher for one’s main instrument if the previous private teacher is unavailable?

Yes, we can refer you to many of our great musician friends in the area. The lessons, however, will not be part of the program.

Is there a uniform?

No, students can wear normal outfits. We do require that your outfit is respectful.

Can I come see the facility before I make a decision?

Yes, feel free to contact us to schedule a visit.

Is this program suitable for those whose native language is English?

Yes, the native English speaker will simply be given harder materials for the English class. You might still find that some Thai students are being taught easier materials at times so overall the English courses will not always challenge you as much as an all-native environment.

Does this program include all subjects while requiring only 3 days of school?

This program includes all necessary subjects for the GED and SAT tests. Some subjects like science laboratory are for enriching the students and is highly favored by many universities in the US.

What other activities does the school require besides 3 days of school per week?

Other activities include 18 hours of community service per semester, private lessons and practice hours, exercise or sports hours, and concert attendance.

When do I pay the tuition fee?

We require payment on the day of registering for our course. This can happen as soon as the student pass the English test at our school. The tuition will guarantee the student’s place in the classroom.