June 16, 2024

Our Philosophy

Located in Bangkok, Dooley Music School aims to provide high-quality music lessons and music courses for aspiring musicians.

What we believe about teaching music

Teaching music is a delicate process because the students not only learn good techniques but also collect bad habits, which are difficult to remove. Therefore, it is very important that the students only learn what is beneficial and only play pieces that they play well. We do not allow students who are not ready to take on repertoire that is harder than what they can comfortably play.

What we believe about music exams (ABRSM, Trinity, etc.)

While music exams can be a good motivational tool for students to progress, we do not recommend relying solely on them. In our estimation these exam results are highly inflated and can create a false sense of confidence. Students can also be lured into playing pieces that are too hard for them resulting in accumulating bad habits.

What we believe about online music teaching

While having an online lesson is better than having none, we believe that with the best technology and hardware one cannot recreate the same natural sound that one hears while being in the same room with the musician. Faultily reproduced sound can result in faulty instructions from the teacher. Moreover, the teacher must be able to see the student’s posture from every possible angle to prevent poor posture and injuries that might occur.

What we believe about competitions

We highly support students to participate in competitions. We believe that they are very profitable to the growth and experience of the student.

What we believe about performing

Performing regularly is a great tool for growth without the overwhelming stress of competition. At our school we encourage our students to perform regularly but only the pieces they can do really well. We want the experience of performing to be a positive one where the student can be free to express not one where they are still worrying about techniques they have yet to master.

What we believe about having multiple private teachers

We do not support students to take from multiple teachers for it is usually detrimental to the growth of the student and to many, very disrespectful. Participating in masterclasses is encouraged because it is only for a session. We also do not teach those who have main private teachers and are looking for supplementary tutors.